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1 - The Greener Camping Club ​
2 - Payment 

We require full payment upon booking or by March 31st 2023 if booked prior to this date and only paid a 50% deposit. This includes any additions made to your booking after your initial payment. 


All rubbish must be recycled. That means separating glass, tins, plastic, paper, cardboard, food waste etc. and placing them in the designated bins. What is left, ie. only items that are not recyclable, can be placed in the landfill bin.



There are many opportunities for play and adventure at Finchingfield Camping. Our aim is for children to have a truly enriching experience of space and freedom. But there are contingent risks to be aware of. We permit campfires, we have a couple of axes for making kindling and splitting firewood, there is a shallow stream bounding the land, there is a road bounding the land, we harvest our Lavender in the summer - so there are tractors around. These risks are small and should be self-evident - but if you are not clear, please ask! Finchingfield Camping accepts no responsibility for injury incurred on site. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children on site at all times.


Do not cross onto neighbouring property. The farmland surrounding the campsite often has tractors and other machinery present and there is no public right of way. The woodland to the back of the site is privately owned and shooting may be in progress.

If you wish to explore many of the public footpaths and bridle paths surrounding the campsite visit for routes and local walks.


Due to limited space only one vehicle per pitch is permitted.

Vehicles are not permitted onto the campsite which enables children to roam freely and for everyone to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. One dedicated parking space is reserved for you during your stay. Luggage carts are available for you to use on arrival and departure. Please return them for others to use once you have finished with them. On occasion we may be able to use the tractor and trailer to assist you with your luggage.


If you cancel your holiday six weeks or more before your arrival date we will refund your booking less a 20% admin fee. The Greener Camping Club membership fee is not refundable.

If you cancel your holiday less than six weeks before your arrival date and we are able to re-let your holiday for the dates you have booked, we will refund your booking, less a 20% admin fee. The Greener Camping Club membership fee is not refundable.

In the event that we are unable re-let your dates, no refund will be made. Bookings are not transferable to another family without our prior agreement in writing. If you are concerned about the prospect of cancellation please take out holiday insurance. 

If your booking is made through Cool Camping or Pitch Up their  booking fee is non-refundable.


Finchingfield Camping reserves the right to cancel a camping holiday at short notice if we are unable to provide a safe camping environment, due to extreme weather conditions, ill health, fire, flooding or any other extenuating circumstances beyond our control. Under such circumstances, your full payment will be returned to you. Finchingfield Camping cannot accept liability or responsibility for any loss, including consequential loss, caused by cancellation. The Greener Camping Club membership fee is not refundable.


If, as a result of Government restrictions on campsites we are forced to cancel your holiday, we make a heartfelt request that rather than a refund, we instead we re-book for an alternative date for you to still enjoy your holiday or hold your payment as a credit against a later stay, valid for up to 18 months from your original holiday dates. If you postpone until next year your Greener Camping Club membership will be carried over to the end 2022.

As a small business, we are wholly dependent on your custom for our survival. We realise these are difficult times for all, but your support will help us get through this and continue to make Finchingfield Camping a wonderful place to stay.

Cancellation in the Event of Covid-19 Infection.

What happens if you have to cancel your booking for any of the following reasons:

  • You or a member of your party have a positive Covid-19 test

  • You or a member of your party have to self-isolate due to contact with a Covid-19 sufferer

  • You or a member of your party develop Covid-19 symptoms and are awaiting test results

  • Your area is put into a localised lockdown – that means you will be breaking the law if you travel

If any of the above apply we will do our best to offer you alternative dates. If that is not possible then the ‘Cancellation By you’ clause will apply where we will of course try our best to relet your holiday.

9 - Day visitors

We do not allow day visitors on site. 

10 - dogs

We do not allow dogs onsite. Please note that we are not an entirely dog free site. We do have our own pesky pup Jude. You may see from a far but he is always on a lead and doesn't visit the campsite unlike his cat brother Ming who you may find having a nap on your camp chair. 


The weather is unpredictable. Strong winds and torrential rain can occur at any time of year in the UK. You must ensure that your tent is robust and pitched correctly. In somes cases we may ask you to move to another pitch. Please note, we do not provide a refund because the weather has not worked out, as this is beyond our control. Extreme weather is covered in ‘Cancellations by Us’.

12- Campfires & Firewood

Please only use the designated campfire places and do not enlarge or alter the position of the designated campfire places. Please do not melt the firewood tubs - be sure that they are not too close to your blaze. Do not leave your campfire unattended and extinguish fully with water before going to bed. Think carefully about whether or not to light a fire if it is windy. Place the money for firewood in the honesty box by the woodpile or settle up when you leave. A tub of firewood is as much as you can get in. Do not throw ash into the hedgerow, ash and charcoal from burnt wood can stay hot for up to 48 hours. Old embers and ash make a perfect base for the next nights fire, but if you do need your fire pit emptying just let us know.

13- Consideration for others

This is a peaceful, quiet campsite for the enjoyment of nature. After 10:30pm we do not allow radios, stereos or other sound systems and only quiet talking is permitted. Noisy visitors who disturb other guests will be asked politely to leave, without refund (this has never needed to happen). 

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